High quality dampers.

High quality dampers.


Pioneer in raising bus covers earlier turnstiles by replacing dampers covers drives.

Later, covers lifters "Caio", "TANCO", "MARCO POLO" and others.

ARMORED (with self-locking springs) a pioneer in Brazil in drive door glass for armored cars with "Superior Quality" to competitors who made adjustments with lower-quality products.

Our quality is "unquestionable" in these applications.


We are the largest dampers  EXPORTER for armored of Brazil, including to the United States.

HEAVY ARMORED (interlocking springs) are also pioneers in this area because the "application" in the engine compartment, the damper AUTO TEC is the only one that withstands high temperatures location, the gas shock is not advised, as it loses pressure.



We are also one of the "pioneers" in manufacturing hydraulic dampers, initially we manufactured for the Volkswagen direction and for 10 years we exported to the US (Chicago) and also for tractors benches which are produced until today.

We also produce bumpers for opening windows, fiber bonnets and other applications for lifting caps in general.